Omega-3 Index Fatty Acid Profile Test

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Omega-3 Index Fatty Acid Profile Test

1 200 kr

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Do it your self finger prick test


The fatty acid test is a fingerprint test.

The analysis is conducted in Germany at the only laboratory in Europe that analyses fatty acid profiles according to the demanding quality standard DIN ISO 15189. 

Omegametrix analyses have been used in over 250 published studies on fatty acids. A further 50 studies are waiting for publication.

The massive scientific support for their methodology makes us extremely happy about our cooperation.

Answers are usually obtained within 10 days from the day the laboratory receives the test filter with your blood sample.

What we measure

Fatty Acid Profile (26 fatty acids)
Omega-3 index
Omega-6/Omega-3 balance
Saturated Fats
Trans fats
Cell membrane Flexibility

  • Easy-to-use, do it yourself fingerprint test
  • Independent laboratory in Germany with top quality standard (DIN ISO 15189)
  • Provides data about 26 fatty acids
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