Top-quality olive oil

Top-quality olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil from high altitude olives

High altitude olive grove with top-quality extra virgin olive oil. As many of you may know, I have extreme demands on the top-quality extra virgin olive oil that I use for the secret blend with the natural fish oil, in what becomes ArcticMed Omega-3 Premium. Some years, if we are lucky, there will be enough top-quality extra virgin olive oil to be bottled separately in limited edition 500ml bottles.

My demands for the content of healthy substances are extreme, which unfortunately has made it very hard to find suppliers who manage to pass the laboratory tests that we do.

In the search for the perfect top-quality extra virgin olive oil, I look for olive groves above 1000m above sea level. 

High altitude is one of the prerequisites for top-quality extra virgin olive oil with excellent health properties. Moreover, the olive fly, which is a significant threat to olives, does not survive on high altitude.

The view of the Sierra Nevada snow-covered mountains peaks is breath-taking. Every year we just have to let nature do its part and keep our fingers crossed for excellent laboratory results.

/ Mikael Marcko CEO Arctic Health AB