Fitness & hedge fund guru Mikael Syding recommends ArcticMed

Fitness & hedge fund guru Mikael Syding recommends ArcticMed

We are happy that so many people enjoy the benefits of our products. Among those who recommend our products are the fitness / hedge fund guru Mikael Syding. Recently he wrote a blog article about the benefits he has experienced from using ArcticMed's products. 

The article can be read here:

"This is just a short update on my health progress and current supplement usage.

I’ve used Arctic Med’s fish oil since 2006 (under a different name in the beginning). Before taking 10 ml a day (two teaspoons or a small tablespoon) I regularly got a cold 3-4 times per year, as well as several short bouts of a sore throat. Since then I’ve only had one real spell of falling ill in 17 years (!). That was when I caught Covid-19 in early March 2020.

Before 2006 I was slowly getting weaker (lower bench press maximum), and took longer to recover from exercise, so I had to gradually cut back from 5 to 2 sessions of strength training per week. After 2006 and the beginning of my daily ArcticMed regime (I was 34 at the time), I slowly increased my number of workouts back to 4-5 per week, and my bench press maximum skyrocketed from around 110kg to 150kg (about when I turned 40). Being old turned out to be just a number, the number of spoons of fish oil consumed!

Today I’m 51 and the last four years I’ve exercised at least 6 days per week (actually closer to 345 days per year, so practically every day). My routine is to wake up without an alarm, meditate for a few minutes, then head to the outdoor gym for my daily 300 bodyweight strength training repetitions. Yes, I train outdoors no matter if it’s +30 degrees or -15 degrees. I do chin-ups, inverted muscle-ups, bar dips, ring-dips hanging leg raises, air squats, walking lounges etc.

I simply make sure I get a full body workout of a total of 300 BW repetitions every morning. Followed by a cold shower,as cold as possible, for about a minute. Back in the old (young) days I would most certainly have fallen ill, overtrained, got hurt, become weaker and so on. But now age doesn’t seem to matter.

I’m sure I’ll start losing ground sooner or later, but as of now, I keep progressing instead, hoping to soon add muscle-ups to my repertoire for the first time in my life. New strength and agility records thus awaits in life’s second half. I ascribe that to my daily fish oil intake.

Please note however that I’m not a medical doctor, nutritionist, PT or any such thing. I can only refer you to ArcticMed’s own research, and I take no responsibility for any medical claims myself. My only credentials are my six-pack and athleticism (as an office worker at close to 52 years of age) as sometimes seen on my Instagram account.

Apart from my daily fish oil, I eat a lot of chili, cacao, turmeric, garlic, kale, spinach, beans and black pepper, not to mention salmon, tofu, vegetarian soy products and quite limited amounts of land living animals and birds. I also take Vitamin-D capsules during winter since I live in Sweden, plus occasionally creatine (especially after learning on Huberman Lab that it’s really effective for headaches and head trauma). I also fast 16 hours a day since around 2013-2014 (temporarily 18h/day for a while this summer; between 20:30-14:30 every day).

I don’t hesitate recommending to everyone I can to drink a bit of fresh fish oil from ArcticMed everyday, and replace one’s old olive oil with AM’s super oil (check out the specifics on the AM website). I might be a case of one, an outlier. And I do sleep well and generally take care of myself, but I did that before 2006 too. Actually the way the fish oil effect was originally discovered was through Norwegians becoming much healthier in years when they had to eat a lot of salmon rather than meat. In later years Norwegian athletes (soccer players) increased their exercise frequency and reduced their recovery time after starting with AM’s fish oil.

Again, I’m not an MD, so form your own opinion, perhaps by taking the AM fatty acid blood test, and then trying the fish oil for 3 months before updating the fatty acid test!"