The ArcticMed Concept

The Arctic Med concept was born with credits to professor Bjarne Østerud, a pioneer in the field of how to proctect Omega-3 from oxidizing. His research about Omega-3 oxidization protection from adding high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil is of great importance for anyone in this field.

When you combine omega-3 and special lab tested Extra Virgin Olive Oil (high in Hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives) you get extra protection against oxidization, and also anti-inflammatory properties, if the Olive Oil has a high level of Oleocanthal

Together with our easy do-it-yourself test of your fatty-acid profile, the ArcticMed concept also gives you the possibility to track your Omega-3 Index (level) and fatty-acid profile. 

We offer risk-free subscriptions of ArcticMed Omega-3 that you can change, pause or cancel at anytime. 

We care about your health.

  • Test your Omega-3 index (level) with our test-kit
  • Correct to a good Omega-3 index in 100 days with ArcticMed Omega-3
  • Maintain a good Omega-3 level with ArcticMed Omega-3

As part of the ArcticMed family you are always welcome to contact me directly.

Mikael Marcko 

CEO Arctic Health AB

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